Ouro Preto Station

Also known as Cidadania Station, the Ouro Preto Station, is a complex consisting of the old station house where the train station used to be, stationary cars located in the surroundings of the complex and the Station Tent.

Entrance Hall [+]

The Ouro Preto Station entrance hall accommodates a museographic exhibition consisting of the totems named Evolução Arquitetônica das Estações (Architectural Evolution of the Stations), with interactive drawers that invite the visitor to learn more about the architectural features and singularities of the stations.

Furthermore, videographic panels showing old and new photographs of Ouro Preto and Mariana are also available.

UFOP Room [+]

The UFOP Space holds part of the railway sector collection from the Museum of Science and Technology of the UFOP School of Mines, including information and objects related to steam-operated machines and their connection with ore extraction and with locomotives development.

Through this exhibition, visitors can learn more about mining expansion in Brazil and get information about old-time teaching practices used in the School of Mines.

Scale Model Room [+]

The Scale Model of the Railway stays in this Room, reproducing in details the train’s route between Ouro Preto and Mariana. There are also two locomotive models and a display that shows the railway time line in the world, in Brazil, and especially in these two cities.

Visitors can also see the display named Paisagem em Movimento (Landscape in Motion), which shows the urban development of Ouro Preto, highlighting the coming of the railway.

Story Room [+]

The Room of Oral Histories is a place reserved for the video recording of the oral history narration of residents and visitors. Two totems installed in the room show the narratives of people somehow related to the railway.

The purpose is to appreciate the regional identity and strengthen the transmission of knowledge and affective memory related to the heritage of the place.

Library [+]

The archive of Ouro Preto Station Children’s and Youth’s Library comprises nearly 1400 books, besides games such as, but not limited to, chess, dominoes, puzzles, crosswords and memory game.

The users of Mariana Children’s and Youth’s Library will be able to access the new library’s archive and, upon submittal of a 3×4 cm photograph, ID card, CPF number and updated proof of residence, they can apply for the book-lending library card. Under-18 youngsters can also apply, provided that he/she is accompanied by a documented responsible adult.

Acoustical Milieu Car [+]

The Acoustical Milieu Car, located in the surroundings of the station building, is a stationary car consisting of the Resíduos Sonoros (acoustical residue) sculpture, made of various kinds of scrap and used for musical presentations, music classes, and pedagogical interactions.

The car further houses an ecological workshop for construction of musical instruments, which is open to the public.

Station Tent [+]

Set up outside of the big house, the Station Tent is used for the execution of activities related to the Patrimonial Education Program, such as the Patrimonial Education Forum and the Intermunicipal Exhibition. It also figures as a local meeting place for communities in the region and is often used for presentation of public school events and important cultural activities.

Coffee Railway Car [+]

The Coffee Railway Car offers visitors a complete infrastructure for leisure and gastronomy, with a varied, high-quality menu. The place is comfortably furnished and offers outdoor tables which turn the railway car into a pleasant entertainment option for those who visit the station.

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